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NY - going up

Writing this entry on the train back to NY to go to the meeting which was postponed from the 11th. Past Philadelphia, so at least I got farther than I did the last time. I'm not going to dwell on what happened in NY any longer - I have officially been saturated with both the coverage of the event and the speculation about what comes next. I am also not at all worried about my safety any longer - traveling as much as I do, and seeing what I've seen around the country at different airports and other transportation hubs, its very clear that anyone can do anything at any time. All we can do is hope that the massive intelligence that contributed to what happened in NY, VA, and PA (notice how increasingly the plane that went down in PA isn't mentioned in the same breath as the other two incidents?) Doesn't occur again. In the meantime, living in fear, or altering my normal activities because of this, makes no sense to me - I am no more or less safe sitting at home than sitting on a plane, in a train, or on the Metro on the way to work.

Besides, I've got a wedding to finish arranging! Suz and I leave on Oct.3 to head down to Key West for our wedding on Oct. 13 - amazingly, we seem to have everything in order, with only very minor details left to work out (and those are in the process of being worked out). Assuming everyone can get down there with little problem (most people from DC were leaving from National Airport, which is still closed - and American Airlines are being ASSES about helping people reschedule their flights, wanting to charge them $100 to make a change before Oct. 2, when supposedly they are going to reopen the airport (of course, every news organization is saying it may be a LONG time before that happens)), it looks very possible things could go off without too much problem.

My bachelor party is this Saturday - no idea about an agenda for it yet, but it looks like about 12 hours of drinking in downtown DC is in the works. Supposed to be 70 degrees and sunny, so I think the plan is to hit many an outdoor establishment and drink heavily. I informed my best man that I wasn't really interested in doing the stripper thing - its really not something I'm into (famous story - stopped into one after a bar crawl with a bunch of people and promptly fell asleep - I blame the contrast between the cool, dark interior and the heat outside, but no one bought that excuse. Lets just say the talent wasn't very pleased :), and my fianc isn't real keen on it either (she has said that this time would be fine because of the occasion, but why push it?). I think the guys are bringing a few singles along just in case.

The only real downer to all of this - just learned on Monday that my parents will not be able to make it to the wedding :( My Dad (and this is his description - I have a feeling he's getting his terminology screwed up, which isn't uncommon) has an aneurism in the artery in the stomach area - a weakening of the artery wall which has caused a large inflamation in that area which, if it collapsed, would be "really, really bad." He gets operated on tomorrow, and the recovery time is several weeks of bed rest, which of course rules out any long travel for him. Having had one heart attack years ago, this is a more dangerous procedure than it might otherwise be, but other than this, my Dad is in top physical heath for his age (72), which is why I am very confident he will pull through with no problem. It probably won't hit me that they aren't there until the ceremony actually starts and they aren't sitting in the front row...

Now I'm pulling into Penn Station - my plan is to have the cabbie drop me off on this side of the Brooklyn Bridge and walk across the East River into Brooklyn, something I've never done before. I'll post more later.
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