scooby (scooby) wrote,

OK... I am not able to allow myself the time to detail all of the major, life changing events that have occurred over the last month or so - so I will bore you with the insanely trivial :)

We have had a clog in our kitchen sink for a week now (I have a feeling the potato peels that I put down the garbage disposal have come back to haunt me). NOTHING unclogs this thing - short of straight acid, we've tried every toxic chemical there is to clear this thing. No luck.

So Suz takes it upon herself to disconnect the traps (we have a double sink) and snake everything out (she's handy like that :). Done, but not luck - the clog is somewhere in the wall, much further down the system. So we decide one last attempt at dislodging the clog with a plunger. After several manly attempts at bringing the clog back up, I breaking the sink. Pulled the drain right out of its moorings, causing a lovely flood of water under the sink. So now I will be spending my evening at Home Depot, buying a new drain, plumbers putty, etc so I can fix the sink, and we STILL have to get a plumber in to get to the clog. And its STILL a piece of crap sink which I willk happily chuck into the recycling station once we remodel our kitchen (after we win the lotto). Fun fun fun.
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