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Suz is working both a night and day job, so I had the whole day to myself today (quite nice - its not often I have that much time to myself). Fixed the sink (w00t! - that was starting to give me an ulcer), cleaned the house, made Suz a yummy dinner so that she could relax for the 45 minutes she was actually home (seared loin of mahi mahi marinated in tariyaki and fresh herbs from the garden, parmesan polenta, fresh green beans with lemon juice, and a nice French rose (ro-say - have no idea how to get the little accent over the "e"). This evening I have been pulling some mp3s off of Limewire (great gnutella client - MUCH more user friendly GUI than Bearshare), making a loud, angry guitar rock CD, and laying waste to a bottle of Bacardi Reserve Rum that I brought back from Puerto Rico the last time I was there.

Also have been surfing the web to find Arts and Crafts fonts and images to use to decorate our house - I am a HUGE fan of 30's Modernism (Bauhaus, Le Corbusier, Richard Neutra), and my ideal living environment would be a very stark, white and glass walled space populated with beautiful modernist furniture reproductions (or originals, since we're talking ideals :). However, we have a great house which was built in the 1920's - its got some attractive molding, lots of light, nice period details. Doesn't lend itself to the minimalist thing though - and adhering to a strictly Modernist look wouldn't really take advantage of the skills of my decorative painter wife :) Arts and Crafts is a nice middle ground - spare, yet with a liberal use of color which allows for a lot of coordination with other furnishings and details. Every door has a glass transom over it, including the front door, so I am exploring designs for the front door which will work our house number into a coherently themed decorative design. This site has some good designs which I think I can work into the transom and carry through to other rooms of the house.

As I edit this, I'm appalled at how my rum intake has destroyed my ability to type (attention: that was a disclaimer, so if you see any typos - blame Bacardi :) I must say that this Reserve compares to any scotch I've had - mixed with a little water and ice, this stuff will hold its own against any 12 year old (scotch that is - 12 year olds these days could probably drink my ass under the table).

OK, I better burn these CDs and get my drunk ass to bed. I could surely use a 4 day weekend every single week.
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