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..kinda like the wolf, but without all the hairspray and makeup.

The restaurants in DC are running a promotion this week to encourage people to go out to lunch and dinner downtown - as opposed to sucking down canned pea soup in their bomb shelters in the suburbs, waiting for the earth to end. $20.01 for a three course, fixed price menu for lunch, and $30.01 for dinner (tax, drinks, and gratuity added). I normally wouldn't spend $20 for lunch, but we're going to go to the Old Ebbitt Grill, where a good lunch there could run you $40 easy, and the food is very good.

Late lunch too - so this Friday should really zip by for the rest of the day. No plans this evening - Suz is working tonight (as she has done all week), so I'll probably do housework or something - maybe bake some cookies (yes, I am a male, despite evidence to the contrary).

OK - must eat food now.
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