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Cam is UP!!

The cam is up and running for some reason - all it really shows is the big glass of rum I'm drinking, but hey, who am I to dictate what entertains the masses? You can watch the ice melt in the glass, if you so desire.

Got out of work early today - sweet for me. I have spent the time doing laundry, prepping for dinner (menu: pan seared salmon filet with a saffron cream sauce, rosemary mashed potatoes, and pumpkin ice cream for dessert), picking up dry cleaning, and getting all of the stuff together we'll need to take to the 'rents house tomorrow for Thanksgiving. It's a six hour drive to New Bern, NC, and we'll have to leave about 7am to get there in time for dinner (anyone else's parents insist on having dinner at 3pm? What's up with that!?) Having all of the traditional stuff, but not quite - for instance, instead of making a whole turkey, my Mom is going to make just a turkey breast - so no dark meat for me :( And since Suz is a vegetarian, she's making some sort of dish with edamame soy beans, and my Dad got some sort of "frozen linguine with shrimp" - I refrained from asking why they just didn't boil some linguine and add some shrimp to it. All I know is that we're bringing down four bottles of wine (at least three ear-marked for dinner, the other for whenever we get bored), and I'm counting on my sister bringing some sort of booze with her - my parents think we're alcoholics, and they're pretty much right about that :)

I got some inspiration for the web site this afternoon - could be some funny stuff if I were able to get the time to write it up (I think I have passed the year mark for updating - pretty pathetic).

Now I must surf around and waste some more time - lets see how much of this rum I can polish off :)
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