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Monday, November 26th, 2001
7:43 pm
...and damned tired to boot. Got home from the 'rents yesterday after spending four days in NC for Thanksgiving, and to hang out with my Dad (first time I have seen him since the wedding and his surgery). Looks exactly the way he did before, which is a good thing - not many people in their 70's can spring back from major surgery and not look any worse for wear. It was really relaxing, although I ate WAY too much - went to bed every night feeling like I was a bloated whale, a feeling which I hate.

Got home about 7pm, and then started in on chores and bills and stuff - then all of a sudden it was 1am. Not too unusual, except that I had a 6am flight out of Dulles, which is an hour drive from my house, and since I needed to get there about 4am, I had to get up at 2:45am - so an hour and 45 minutes of sleep it was. Iam not really feeling the effects right now, but I'm sure I'll slam into a wall in a little bit.

So I'm just wasting time in Birmingham, AL - was going to head to Five Points and check out a cool restaurant, but I don't feel like driving all the way over there (I'm staying at a hotel pretty far south of downtown). Anyone know a good place to go in Birmingham? I'll have to come back in a month or so, since the idiots doing the new building I had to inspect screwed it up so royally.

Now I'm going to go to the Copeland's across the street, get a beer and some food, and then pass out until my flight tomorrow morning.Mmmmm, Turbodog :) Whee!!
Thursday, November 22nd, 2001
1:47 am
OK, so I have FINALLY updated my web site - I beat out not updating for a year by just a couple of weeks. Its not very good, but its never very good, so I'm not too bothered by the low quality - I have achieved my expectations!! Now I have to get around to updating the pics section and all of the other sections I haven't touched in a year.

Feel free to ridicule me for anything you see up there - even if you insult me, I take it as "constructive criticism" :)
Wednesday, November 21st, 2001
8:42 pm
Cam is UP!!
The cam is up and running for some reason - all it really shows is the big glass of rum I'm drinking, but hey, who am I to dictate what entertains the masses? You can watch the ice melt in the glass, if you so desire.

Got out of work early today - sweet for me. I have spent the time doing laundry, prepping for dinner (menu: pan seared salmon filet with a saffron cream sauce, rosemary mashed potatoes, and pumpkin ice cream for dessert), picking up dry cleaning, and getting all of the stuff together we'll need to take to the 'rents house tomorrow for Thanksgiving. It's a six hour drive to New Bern, NC, and we'll have to leave about 7am to get there in time for dinner (anyone else's parents insist on having dinner at 3pm? What's up with that!?) Having all of the traditional stuff, but not quite - for instance, instead of making a whole turkey, my Mom is going to make just a turkey breast - so no dark meat for me :( And since Suz is a vegetarian, she's making some sort of dish with edamame soy beans, and my Dad got some sort of "frozen linguine with shrimp" - I refrained from asking why they just didn't boil some linguine and add some shrimp to it. All I know is that we're bringing down four bottles of wine (at least three ear-marked for dinner, the other for whenever we get bored), and I'm counting on my sister bringing some sort of booze with her - my parents think we're alcoholics, and they're pretty much right about that :)

I got some inspiration for the web site this afternoon - could be some funny stuff if I were able to get the time to write it up (I think I have passed the year mark for updating - pretty pathetic).

Now I must surf around and waste some more time - lets see how much of this rum I can polish off :)

Current Mood: amused
Friday, November 16th, 2001
1:03 pm
..kinda like the wolf, but without all the hairspray and makeup.

The restaurants in DC are running a promotion this week to encourage people to go out to lunch and dinner downtown - as opposed to sucking down canned pea soup in their bomb shelters in the suburbs, waiting for the earth to end. $20.01 for a three course, fixed price menu for lunch, and $30.01 for dinner (tax, drinks, and gratuity added). I normally wouldn't spend $20 for lunch, but we're going to go to the Old Ebbitt Grill, where a good lunch there could run you $40 easy, and the food is very good.

Late lunch too - so this Friday should really zip by for the rest of the day. No plans this evening - Suz is working tonight (as she has done all week), so I'll probably do housework or something - maybe bake some cookies (yes, I am a male, despite evidence to the contrary).

OK - must eat food now.
Monday, November 12th, 2001
11:56 pm
Suz is working both a night and day job, so I had the whole day to myself today (quite nice - its not often I have that much time to myself). Fixed the sink (w00t! - that was starting to give me an ulcer), cleaned the house, made Suz a yummy dinner so that she could relax for the 45 minutes she was actually home (seared loin of mahi mahi marinated in tariyaki and fresh herbs from the garden, parmesan polenta, fresh green beans with lemon juice, and a nice French rose (ro-say - have no idea how to get the little accent over the "e"). This evening I have been pulling some mp3s off of Limewire (great gnutella client - MUCH more user friendly GUI than Bearshare), making a loud, angry guitar rock CD, and laying waste to a bottle of Bacardi Reserve Rum that I brought back from Puerto Rico the last time I was there.

Also have been surfing the web to find Arts and Crafts fonts and images to use to decorate our house - I am a HUGE fan of 30's Modernism (Bauhaus, Le Corbusier, Richard Neutra), and my ideal living environment would be a very stark, white and glass walled space populated with beautiful modernist furniture reproductions (or originals, since we're talking ideals :). However, we have a great house which was built in the 1920's - its got some attractive molding, lots of light, nice period details. Doesn't lend itself to the minimalist thing though - and adhering to a strictly Modernist look wouldn't really take advantage of the skills of my decorative painter wife :) Arts and Crafts is a nice middle ground - spare, yet with a liberal use of color which allows for a lot of coordination with other furnishings and details. Every door has a glass transom over it, including the front door, so I am exploring designs for the front door which will work our house number into a coherently themed decorative design. This site has some good designs which I think I can work into the transom and carry through to other rooms of the house.

As I edit this, I'm appalled at how my rum intake has destroyed my ability to type (attention: that was a disclaimer, so if you see any typos - blame Bacardi :) I must say that this Reserve compares to any scotch I've had - mixed with a little water and ice, this stuff will hold its own against any 12 year old (scotch that is - 12 year olds these days could probably drink my ass under the table).

OK, I better burn these CDs and get my drunk ass to bed. I could surely use a 4 day weekend every single week.
Wednesday, November 7th, 2001
4:36 pm
....so I am not able to allow myself the time to detail all of the major, life changing events that have occurred over the last month or so - so I will bore you with the insanely trivial :)

We have had a clog in our kitchen sink for a week now (I have a feeling the potato peels that I put down the garbage disposal have come back to haunt me). NOTHING unclogs this thing - short of straight acid, we've tried every toxic chemical there is to clear this thing. No luck.

So Suz takes it upon herself to disconnect the traps (we have a double sink) and snake everything out (she's handy like that :). Done, but not luck - the clog is somewhere in the wall, much further down the system. So we decide one last attempt at dislodging the clog with a plunger. After several manly attempts at bringing the clog back up, I succeed...in breaking the sink. Pulled the drain right out of its moorings, causing a lovely flood of water under the sink. So now I will be spending my evening at Home Depot, buying a new drain, plumbers putty, etc so I can fix the sink, and we STILL have to get a plumber in to get to the clog. And its STILL a piece of crap sink which I willk happily chuck into the recycling station once we remodel our kitchen (after we win the lotto). Fun fun fun.
Tuesday, November 6th, 2001
4:22 pm
You know...
...one day I'm going to update this damned thing. Not like there hasn't been a lot going on - getting married and all that.

Maybe this evening...
Tuesday, October 2nd, 2001
1:14 am
..and here's where the reception will be - Ernest Hemingway's House (seen from the lighthouse in the other pic - I was too cheap to spend the $6 to go in at the time :)

1:11 am
OK, I am a day away from leaving to go to Key West for my wedding, and a week and a half away from the actual event. Needless to say, the last couple of days have been a mad scramble to tie up any loose ends before we head down there. Bachelor party was on Saturday, which was remarkable in that there were no incidents worthy of scorn, ridicule, or long jail terms - drank a lot, ate some good food, drank some more, and was able to navigate myself home without any ugly episodes. Hangover was even gone by 2pm the following day, which I consider to be a moral and physical victory.

Here's where I'm getting married:

Hopefully the day turns out to be as pretty as when I took that picture a year ago.

OK, back to organizing the seating chart :)
Friday, September 28th, 2001
3:48 pm
Dad Status
My Dad is doing just fine - he got out of surgery about an hour ago, and according to the doctor everything went really, really well. He should be moved into a room in the IC ward this afternoon, and then into a private room in a few days, and home in about a week or so. It's going to take about 6 weeks to recover, which will involve a lot of walking for him, which is what he loved to do anyway (seriously, for a 72 years old man, his legs look like they belong on a 20 year old). So that is major good news :) I'll try and call him on Monday once he's out of IC - still royally sucks he won't be able to make it to the wedding, but obviously its wonderful I'll be able to talk to him the day of.
Thursday, September 27th, 2001
11:41 pm
NY - on the way back
The NY trip went really well, all things considered. Got into Penn Station with no problem, and grabbed a cab. Intended to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge, but access was restricted below Canal Street, so we couldn't even get into that area (I could have walked 10 blocks down there, but decided against that). So we took the Manhattan Bridge into Brooklyn, which was really fast. Had the meeting, and then caught a cab and came back the same way I came in, and caught the train back.

Since I was always much too far away to see anything, my only impression was that it was very disorienting not to be able to see the WTC, a lot more than I had expected. Between the WTC and the Empire State Building, I always knew where I was in NY in relation to anything else. Without the WTC there, and considering my limited knowledge of the other buildings in downtown, I found myself getting confused as to how far downtown we were. But other than that, numerous missing person fliers pasted everywhere, and the massive proliferation of American flags on almost every thing that could have a flag attached to it, things seemed exceedingly typical.

Talked to my Dad again, and he was in very good spirits, which is good. I'm sure he'll be just fine, the recovery period is just going to suck (as it would for any major surgery). We'll probably head down to North Carolina to see them some time in November (maybe Thanksgiving - might as well get some great food out of the trip :)
11:40 pm
NY - going up
Writing this entry on the train back to NY to go to the meeting which was postponed from the 11th. Past Philadelphia, so at least I got farther than I did the last time. I'm not going to dwell on what happened in NY any longer - I have officially been saturated with both the coverage of the event and the speculation about what comes next. I am also not at all worried about my safety any longer - traveling as much as I do, and seeing what I've seen around the country at different airports and other transportation hubs, its very clear that anyone can do anything at any time. All we can do is hope that the massive intelligence that contributed to what happened in NY, VA, and PA (notice how increasingly the plane that went down in PA isn't mentioned in the same breath as the other two incidents?) Doesn't occur again. In the meantime, living in fear, or altering my normal activities because of this, makes no sense to me - I am no more or less safe sitting at home than sitting on a plane, in a train, or on the Metro on the way to work.

Besides, I've got a wedding to finish arranging! Suz and I leave on Oct.3 to head down to Key West for our wedding on Oct. 13 - amazingly, we seem to have everything in order, with only very minor details left to work out (and those are in the process of being worked out). Assuming everyone can get down there with little problem (most people from DC were leaving from National Airport, which is still closed - and American Airlines are being ASSES about helping people reschedule their flights, wanting to charge them $100 to make a change before Oct. 2, when supposedly they are going to reopen the airport (of course, every news organization is saying it may be a LONG time before that happens)), it looks very possible things could go off without too much problem.

My bachelor party is this Saturday - no idea about an agenda for it yet, but it looks like about 12 hours of drinking in downtown DC is in the works. Supposed to be 70 degrees and sunny, so I think the plan is to hit many an outdoor establishment and drink heavily. I informed my best man that I wasn't really interested in doing the stripper thing - its really not something I'm into (famous story - stopped into one after a bar crawl with a bunch of people and promptly fell asleep - I blame the contrast between the cool, dark interior and the heat outside, but no one bought that excuse. Lets just say the talent wasn't very pleased :), and my fianc isn't real keen on it either (she has said that this time would be fine because of the occasion, but why push it?). I think the guys are bringing a few singles along just in case.

The only real downer to all of this - just learned on Monday that my parents will not be able to make it to the wedding :( My Dad (and this is his description - I have a feeling he's getting his terminology screwed up, which isn't uncommon) has an aneurism in the artery in the stomach area - a weakening of the artery wall which has caused a large inflamation in that area which, if it collapsed, would be "really, really bad." He gets operated on tomorrow, and the recovery time is several weeks of bed rest, which of course rules out any long travel for him. Having had one heart attack years ago, this is a more dangerous procedure than it might otherwise be, but other than this, my Dad is in top physical heath for his age (72), which is why I am very confident he will pull through with no problem. It probably won't hit me that they aren't there until the ceremony actually starts and they aren't sitting in the front row...

Now I'm pulling into Penn Station - my plan is to have the cabbie drop me off on this side of the Brooklyn Bridge and walk across the East River into Brooklyn, something I've never done before. I'll post more later.
Wednesday, September 26th, 2001
8:01 pm
Cam is on
The Crusty Cam is up again - click on the "cam" button and follow the link - watch me drink some scotch and....send out some emails. Crazy stuff!!!!
4:37 pm
Pokey is the Grooviest
No one can ask for anything more than a wise, badly drawn penguin.

Tuesday, September 11th, 2001
3:57 pm
Left DC at 8am.....I was on a train headed to midtown Manhattan....I was going to be going to Brooklyn for a meeting, cabbing it through midtown and downtown.....heard about the news on the train just outside of Philly....got off the train, scheduled one back to DC.....trains cancelled at 10:45, my train was supposed to leave at 11:07.....no cars for rent.....went to get on a bus....got in a cab, decided to pay the guy $180 to drive me all the way back to DC.....got home about 2.

Things in DC are calm right now - streets are pretty empty, traffic is flowing where it needs to to....most people are glued to the TV.....

I was in the bar of the train station in Philly (the ONLY place in the train station with a TV) when I saw the north tower of the World Trade Center go down at 10:30....
Friday, September 7th, 2001
11:45 am
Oh Good Lord....
I read a few (OK, a LOT) of websites daily, and when I "get my geek on", Ars Technica is one of my favorites. I read something in there today which just has me laughing my ass off - here's a link to Amazon.com for David Hasselhoff's Greatest Hits - take ten minutes and read the customer reviews of the album - they are classic (and my name sake chimes in with an on-point review also ;)

The song "Hot Shot City" is particularly good.
Thursday, September 6th, 2001
10:16 am
IE6 Tweaks
Here's a web page which details how to tweak Internet Explorer 6 - nothing in there too amazing, but a lot of good points on how to conserve system resources by changing some of the settings. I've been using IE6 since the beta version, and its a lot faster than IE5 was in loading pages and images, and if you don't mind the nefarious nature of them, the integrated media features are nice ;)

Of course, if you're using Netscape - God help you ;) That's all we have here at work, and its a constant source of stress and bitterness in my daily work-a-day world.
Wednesday, September 5th, 2001
2:03 pm
Meat Beat Manifesto
Dinner last night was a good time - the food came out pretty well, the lamb was a little overdone (the grill was freakin' 1000 degrees, I could barely get near it) but it still was yummy, and the crab soup was really tasty. Didn't drink quite as much as I might have because my friends found out that Julie was pregnant this week - woohoo for them! I guess if someone has to procreate (I'm not convinced of this;) they are a good couple to do it - good looking, intelligent, seem like both would be caring, attentive parents. So Julie had a small glass of wine with dinner, and we only polished off two bottles of the cote du rhone between the rest of us. The creme brulee was the best - I steeped some orange peels in it before I baked it, and the hint of orange and vanilla in it was awesome. And breaking out the blow torch to crust up the top is always fun :)

As yummy as last night was, I think I am going to swear off meat again. Suz is a hardcore pesco-lacto-vegetarian (she'll eat fish and dairy) - she hasn't had meat in 8 or 10 years. She lived in France for a little over a year, and the meat there was so expensive and of such poor quality she stopped eating it, and once she got back, she found she couldn't handle digesting it. I was always an omnivore - if it tasted good, no matter it was, I'd eat it. Then when Suz and I started dating, and we made dinner together every night, it just was easier to eat the same things - lots of fish, lots of veggies, etc. So then I only ate meat once a week at her parents' house for Sunday dinner - they take a peculiar joy in having me eat meat in front of Suz (kind of a good natured poke at her :) But lately I've been eating meat a lot more - lamb at home, a burger here and there, the occasional hot dog - and I just don 't feel all that great, even though I'm running again. So I'll just drop it altogether for awhile, and see how I feel.

My boss is out today, so I've been a little slack - got a couple of things left to do, then I can cruise for the rest of the day. Found out I have to go to Brooklyn for the day next Tuesday - taking the Metroliner train up from DC to Penn Station. I love taking the train - lots of forced down time with nothing to do but read / tap away on the laptop / sleep, without the possibility of plummeting 30,000 feet in a red hot ball of flame and twisted metal. Always a good thing :)
Tuesday, September 4th, 2001
12:35 pm
The Strokes
A pretty famn dabulous weekend this past one was, it was. Went to two different outdoor BBQ's, and got pretty toasted at both, so that was a definite bonus. And then yesterday headed down to just across the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and ate some of the best crabs I've had in a long time. If there is only one good thing about living in the MD/DC/VA area, its the close proximity to the best crabs in the world. And fresh corn. But that's two things. But you eat them together, so I count them as one. Because I can. So there. Nyah.

And as I was surfing around yesterday, I saw something and want to be one of the first to go on record with this - in late September, The Strokes are releasing their debut album, and its going to be HUGE. I saw these guys open for Doves at the 9:30 Club a couple of months ago, and I was blown away by them - this is straight forward, no nonsense rock and roll, the kind that enables you to use the term "rock and roll" without a hint of irony. Check the sound clips on the site - someone reviewed their live show in the UK and said they were a cross between the Ramones and the Velvet Underground, and that's pretty much right on. They also said that they would be "America's answer to Oasis" - I wasn't aware that Oasis was a question in need of answering, unless the question was "Why are these drunk idiots not dead yet?" I figure the English music press is right about 4% of the time, and while The Strokes may not be the next Manic Street Preachers (or fill in your way-overhyped-by-the-British-press band here), they will surely make a BIG impression on the music to be coming out in the next year or so.

This evening, my recently betrothed friend Pablo and his wife and coming over for dinner - my ulterior motive is that I am going to ask him to be in my wedding party, and I'm using the dinner (and wine - a lot of wine) to butter him up. Probably don't need to do that, but I'm a bit late in asking, so hopefully this will make up for it. Plus he just got back from two weeks in Italy, and I want to hear how that went. On the menu:

Frisee salad with champagne dressing
crab and corn bisque with sour dough crostini
grilled lamb chops
roasted new potatoes with rosemary and fennel
warm asparagus with red pepper-shallot vinaigrette
and orange creme brulee

Throw in a few bottles of cote du rhone and maybe a martini or two, and that should be some good eatin' - and a rough morning tomorrow ;)
Thursday, August 30th, 2001
8:07 pm
Drinky drinky
Well, the crusty cam is up and running for the first time in a long time. Watch as I drink a relatively skunky Becks, update info in my wedding file, and basically waste both your time and mine.

And if you happen to look at my web site , don't bother letting me know that it's laughably out of date - I realize this, believe me. You would think I had something better to do than sit around messing with HTML code I've long forgotten - and you would be wrong, mister! I am just the slackest of all slackers, and my creative spark has been dulled, if not totally extinguished, by beer, salty snacks, and repeated viewings of Three's Company back in the late 1980s.

Current Mood: thirsty
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