scooby (scooby) wrote,

Meat Beat Manifesto

Dinner last night was a good time - the food came out pretty well, the lamb was a little overdone (the grill was freakin' 1000 degrees, I could barely get near it) but it still was yummy, and the crab soup was really tasty. Didn't drink quite as much as I might have because my friends found out that Julie was pregnant this week - woohoo for them! I guess if someone has to procreate (I'm not convinced of this;) they are a good couple to do it - good looking, intelligent, seem like both would be caring, attentive parents. So Julie had a small glass of wine with dinner, and we only polished off two bottles of the cote du rhone between the rest of us. The creme brulee was the best - I steeped some orange peels in it before I baked it, and the hint of orange and vanilla in it was awesome. And breaking out the blow torch to crust up the top is always fun :)

As yummy as last night was, I think I am going to swear off meat again. Suz is a hardcore pesco-lacto-vegetarian (she'll eat fish and dairy) - she hasn't had meat in 8 or 10 years. She lived in France for a little over a year, and the meat there was so expensive and of such poor quality she stopped eating it, and once she got back, she found she couldn't handle digesting it. I was always an omnivore - if it tasted good, no matter it was, I'd eat it. Then when Suz and I started dating, and we made dinner together every night, it just was easier to eat the same things - lots of fish, lots of veggies, etc. So then I only ate meat once a week at her parents' house for Sunday dinner - they take a peculiar joy in having me eat meat in front of Suz (kind of a good natured poke at her :) But lately I've been eating meat a lot more - lamb at home, a burger here and there, the occasional hot dog - and I just don 't feel all that great, even though I'm running again. So I'll just drop it altogether for awhile, and see how I feel.

My boss is out today, so I've been a little slack - got a couple of things left to do, then I can cruise for the rest of the day. Found out I have to go to Brooklyn for the day next Tuesday - taking the Metroliner train up from DC to Penn Station. I love taking the train - lots of forced down time with nothing to do but read / tap away on the laptop / sleep, without the possibility of plummeting 30,000 feet in a red hot ball of flame and twisted metal. Always a good thing :)
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